Restorer bumpers and tires


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Professional preparation for blacking and care of tires and plastic parts
(restorer bumpers and tires)
Deep Tire Restorer
Made from raw materials of European weaving

330 ml
It helps to return the tires and bumper the original black color. Long time results.
Shake well before use. Put on a clean dry surface with a sprayer.
After contact with rims wipe them with a soft cloth. Do not expose the drug to the brake pads!

precautionary measures
Flammable! Do not use near fire or hot objects. Use outdoors or in a well ventilated area. In case of eye or skin with plenty of water. Wear personal protective equipment. Keep away from children.

The shelf life of 36 months. Store in a vertical position when the temperature of ± 30 ° C.


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