Polish restorer headlights


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Polish restorer headlights
Deep Recovery transparent plastic
Made from raw materials of European quality
20 ml
Our favorite product. Most of the headlight has a plastic front which is getting scratched, clouded, yellowed. It’s dangerous to drive with that lights. Our kit special made for private customers and takes about 10 min to make lights like new. Kit includes everything that you need. UV protection makes light clear few times longer than normal products.

Detailed instructions are inside the packaging
Unique kit Includes a set of sandpaper grit varying degrees, through which is achieved the desired degree of surface preparation. Processing plastic polishes return completely transparent and restore it to the state of the new.
DO NOT use polish restorer range on a hot surface in direct sunlight. During polishing the headlights must be turned off. Not exercise undue pressure on a surface by polishing. Avoid release to the eye and the inside of the body.
Shelf life of 18 months. Store in a vertical position in a dark place at a temperature up to + + 2⁰S 30⁰S in a closed container.
Composition: carnauba wax, silicones, hydrocarbons, water, abrasive material, emulsifier.
Complete kit:
Sandpaper №1 (grit P800) – 2 pcs.
Sandpaper №2 (grit P1500) – 2 pcs.
Sandpaper №3 (grit P2000) – 2 pcs.
Polish restorer range – 1 pack 20 ml
plastic spatula


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