Our offer

1. Car cosmetics

This offer is targeted at car workshops, mechanics as well as private individuals. We offer high quality products, which will allow better care for the look of the car. The products we offer are always tested by AutoLeader specialists, thanks to which we know exactly what we trade and what this action has. On our blog you will find films and cosmetics reviews. The AutoLeader company focuses on an excellent product and reliable customer service. We highly encourage you to cooperate. Below you will find current promotions for car chemistry.

2. Buy a car with AutoLeader

Deciding to buy a used vehicle you can expect many things, and when we do not have too good knowledge of mechanics, it may turn out that we will buy a car in which there will be hidden defects. By choosing an AutoLeader offer, you can be sure that the vehicle will be thoroughly checked. We have many times reduced the price of vehicles by up to £ 1000 – so the cost of our inspection usually returns itself. For your convenience, we have prepared three variants that will allow you to buy your dream car quickly and without problems, without defects and hidden defects.

  1. Checking the car within M25

2. We check the whole day

3. You do not have time – we will find a car for you

3. Advertising for workshops

To ensure comprehensive service, we also introduced an advertising offer. Now you can order cosmetics and advertising in one place. We offer printing services and website design. We make prints on clothing, also in the workshop. For workshops cooperating with us, we also have advertising spots in the film materials we create on youtube.`

Printing house

  • leaflets
  • business cards
  • oil pendants
  • advertising calendars

Clothing labeling

  • sweatshirts
  • t-shirts
  • dungarees
  • reflective vests

Design services

  • websites
  • online shops
  • logo

Car wrapping

  • wrapping permanently
  • magnetic ads
  • change the colour of the car