Car diagnostics

To avoid buying a car that breaks down all the time, you need the help of an experienced diagnostician.  Our diagnosticians, they are first of all enthusiasts who know how to detect even the best-hidden faults of a vehicle. Most people finds out of the faults during the first visit to the mechanic when it is already too late to negotiate the price with the dealer, and the costs of the repair may seriously damage your wallet. Diagnostics well carried out before the purchase of the car – it’s saving in its purest form!

Car diagnostics in simple six steps


Visual Examination

First of all, we conduct a visual examination that allows us to detect first faults.



Quality of car paint

Second stage is the examination of the car paint. This allows us to find out how many times the body of the car was fixed and how big were damages of the body and frame of the car. Intact vehicle frame have a very big impact on the driving safety.


Computer diagnostics

At this stage, we connect the car to the computer and that is how we gain access to such data as error codes in the car, previous car connection to the diagnostic equipment as well as modifications introduced to the car computer. We carry out the diagnostics using fully professional software.


Parts diagnostics

Moving parts such as engine, gearbox, turbine or clutch, those are important elements of a car. Right diagnostics will reveal any anomalies, which will again protect your wallet!


Leaks check

Car may be properly washed before it is being sold – all this to hide possible leaks. At this stage, using special equipment, we check if the car was not only washed properly.


Checking documents

The last stage is, as usual, paperwork. At this stage we will find out whether the car is stolen and we will know its history. We will obtain information on the vehicle category as well – this can have impact on the amount of the car insurance.

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